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Acting courses For children, young adults and adults

The Courses

The Academy’s courses are 6-week installations of 90-minute classes throughout the year, or 2-week intensive courses, separated into 4 age groups. We aim to coach and instill the potential of acclaimed acting techniques in order to help you find comfort in expression and creativity.

Class Dates

The 6-week classes revolve around the yearly scholastic dates and the 2-week intensive courses take place during the holidays (including the adult Masterclass). Private sessions (individual or group) are available for booking all year long. 


Pricing is structured for either,  6-week courses (1 class per week) or 2-week intensive courses (3 classes per week). Continuously participating from September to June is the ideal way to exercise and refine your qualities as a performer on stage, screen and everyday life.  

About the Monte-Carlo Acting academy

The Monte-Carlo Acting Academy is a Monaco based studio aiming to help children, young adults and adults to find their voice and confidence on stage and life applying acting techniques.

The Academy offers 4 different group courses for 4 different age groups where the young artists will explore their creative side by engaging with one another in theatre and film-based exercises to explore and find common ground with their imagination, artistry and self-expression.

Among the courses, the Academy also offers private one on one sessions to further explore the craft and themselves in depth through script-work, character study, meditation, breath-work and various techniques to enhance and free their creativity and self-confidence.

The aim of the Academy is to create a community of people interested in the discovery of the artistic process, whether they want to become a professional actor or simply use the techniques for their work or daily needs. 

By creating a safe, respectful and mindful environment we believe that not only we can help anyone find their artistic calling, but also their inner trust and courage to take on any challenge they set their mind to. 

Through a continuous effort and weekly, monthly and yearly dedication to the craft, we hope to give our community a creative and artistic liberation that they can rely on for fun, work or as a career path. 

About THe Founder

About Gabriele Greggio

Gabriele Greggio

Is an internationally trained actor with a BA and MA in Acting for Theatre and Film. He trained at NYFA, LSFMP, Drama Center and at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio before pursuing a career in acting in London and Rome. His past productions include films and tv series with the BBC, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more projects coming soon.

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