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About The Founder & Coach Gabriele Greggio

Gabriele Greggio is an internationally trained actor with a BA and MA in Acting for Theatre and Film. He trained at NYFA, LSFMP, Drama Center and at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio before pursuing a career in acting in London and Rome. His past productions include films and tv series with the BBC, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more projects coming soon. 

Gabriele grew up in Monte-Carlo and is based in the principality. 

His aim is to share his knowledge of film from training, past productions and ongoing projects within the industry to inspire the community.

As a young adult, Gabriele grew up with a stutter that he thought would alter or stop him from pursuing his dreams. Through acting training and freeing techniques, exercises, games and meditation, he learned about the power of performance, insight and self-discovery. 

His hopes are to stimulate his students to emancipate their creative spirit, and to create an environment of respect between the groups, allowing for reciprocal understanding of anyone’s necessities and patience to reach their full potential and courage to perform, speak in public and more importantly, to be themselves. 

Growing up without a formation or studio of this type, Gabriele’s purpose and ambition is to support and ease his students to find that comfort in public, stage or screen from a young age or in their later stage of life.

About Gabriele Greggio

A Message From Gabriele

“Dear students, I wish to give you all the opportunity to thrive, prosper and discover your full potential. Curiosity is the main mover of all art-forms and I’d love to help you find yours. 

Growing up in Monaco I never had the chance to study acting, express my creative side or simply give way to my imagination in such a structure. I now have the privilege to try and inspire you to discover the layered and fun process of the wonderful and exciting craft that is acting.

My goal is to bring my knowledge and experience into the classroom in order to help you find your voice and courage. It’s a commitment to yourselves and to your inner freedom that I aim and intend to fulfill.”